About Us

25 Years of AUdio Visual Excellence

Sound Investment is the industry leader in audio visual system design and live event production. Our mission is to design immersive audio, lighting, and video that is a true sound investment, whether it be an entertainment technology system integration for a venue, or the technical production of a live event. We strive to create impactful sensory experiences that exceed client expectations and leave a lasting impression.



AV Design & Integration

Established in 1998 by co-founders Dan Agne and Dean McNaughton, both passionate about audiovisual technology, Sound Investment was born. Recognizing the demand for superior audio integration and excellent customer service, the company swiftly gained acclaim for its outstanding audiovisual designs, rooted in precision and dedication. In 2006, Sound Investment added founding partner Todd Konecy. 

Infused with a genuine affinity for technology and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, Sound Investment solidified its position as a respected industry choice. The company excelled in designing entertainment systems for global venues. Our adept team seamlessly integrated audiovisual systems into diverse settings, including hotels, resorts and casinosrestaurants and loungesnightclubs and dayclubsfitness and retailluxury residences and super yachts

Sound Investment’s commitment to cutting-edge technology extended to partnering with Funktion One, a renowned producer of state-of-the-art loudspeaker systems based in the UK. Sound Investment was the pioneer in bringing Funktion One to the US market and proudly stands as the exclusive reseller of Funktion One products in North America. 




Event Production

Recognizing the surging demand within the entertainment and events domain for top-tier production services, the co-founders embarked on a strategic journey. In 2000, aligning with the core values of Sound Investment, they collaborated with Peter Vanek to establish Sound Investment AV, a dynamic live event production company. This subsidiary was meticulously crafted to cater to the varied needs of clients, presenting an array of services that included sound, video, lighting, staging and scenic design, broadcast and virtual solutions, production studios, and content and video production.

With the company’s growth, its reputation has not only expanded within the events industry but has also reached beyond its boundaries. Sound Investment AV is an unwavering support for companies and agencies seeking cutting-edge and remarkable AV experiences. The company’s versatile portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of events, spanning conferences and meetings, experiential events, fashion and beauty, product launches, newfronts and upfronts, pop-up installations, as well as broadcast and virtual.


Moonlight Studios Chicago Founded

Event Venue & Production Studio

In 2013, Moonlight Studios Chicago was founded with a distinct vision: to provide a versatile and unique event and production space in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop. This acquisition not only provided an optimal solution for clients seeking a production studio but also offered event planners an ideal setting for experiential events, featuring exceptional sound, lighting, and comprehensive event support all under one roof.

The venue’s unique architectural elements, reminiscent of Chicago’s aesthetic, including exposed brick and lofty ceilings, make it an ideal choice for various occasions, ranging from corporate and private gatherings to full-day shows, summits, and exhibitions.



Virtual Event Platform

Founded in 2019, Virtual Event Site revolutionized virtual events by offering a customizable platform that bridges physical and digital experiences. With a focus on enhancing engagement, it provides networking tools and real-time analytics, setting it apart from traditional virtual event platforms. Backed by Sound Investment AV’s expertise, Virtual Event Site has redefined the virtual event landscape, offering immersive solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of the industry.


Moonlight Studios NYC Founded

Event Venue & XR Studio

Established in 2021, Moonlight Studios NYC emerged as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the heart of New York City. Founded with a vision to provide a dynamic space for artistic expression and experiential events, Moonlight Studios NYC quickly carved a niche for itself in the events and production industry.

The founders of Moonlight Studios NYC recognized the need for a versatile and adaptable venue that could cater to a diverse range of creative endeavors. With its strategic location in the vibrant urban landscape of New York City, the studio was conceived as a hub where imagination and innovation could thrive. From corporate activations to immersive exhibitions, Moonlight Studios NYC’s modern facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and flexible layout provided an ideal canvas for artists, event planners, and creators to bring their visions to life.