Acoustic Treatment

AV Design and Integration

Often overlooked yet crucial, acoustic treatment plays a pivotal role in the planning and construction process, particularly when sound quality and noise control are paramount. Within every building, specific areas are prone to problematic sound reflections, excessive noise ingress, and sound reverberation.
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Every venue has unique requirements and objectives. We consider factors such as room size, shape, materials, and usage patterns to develop customized strategies that address acoustic challenges effectively.

Our skilled acoustics team can evaluate any space, identify affected areas, and promptly commence the design, planning, and implementation of effective acoustic treatments. From installing sound-absorbing panels to strategically placing diffusers, we ensure that every aspect of the acoustic treatment is carefully considered and executed to enhance the overall acoustic quality of the space. Equipped to address diverse spaces, we offer a range of acoustic solutions that absorb or diffuse sound. From tailored treatments to a combination of multiple approaches, we ensure the ideal acoustics are achieved for each unique environment.


Let us transform your space into an acoustically optimized environment that meets the highest standards of sound quality and control.

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