AV Design and Integration

For over 25 years, Sound Investment has been at the forefront of excellence in high-end audio design, with a track record of thousands of successful integration projects. We have carefully selected equipment partners to guarantee clear, balanced, and customized audio tailored to the unique requirements of your venue.


Whether it’s an intimate restaurant or a sprawling casino property, we are the preferred provider for creating the perfect sonic environment.

No matter the scope of your project, Sound Investment is equipped to fulfill all your system design needs, whether it’s creating an atmospheric audio environment or hosting live, immersive performances. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we craft audio installations capable of delivering awe-inspiring, high-resolution sound that leaves a lasting impact.

At Sound Investment, we understand the significance of setting the right ambiance to resonate with your target patrons. Our team of industry professionals works closely with clients to design an absolute audio solution perfectly aligned with the character and atmosphere of the venue. 

With a nationwide presence, we have amassed an impressive array of the industry’s finest audio technology, enabling us to create truly immersive sound experiences. Our expertise lies in customizing equipment to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring that we provide the necessary resources to fulfill every client request.


Choose Sound Investment as your trusted partner in crafting exceptional audio experiences to elevate your venue to new heights.

Featured Equipment Partnerships

NST Audio


Funktion One


Full Fat Audio

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