Sound Investment’s audio integration at Rivers Casino has set a new standard for gaming and entertainment experiences. With a rapid 13-month buildout leading to its opening on January 23, 2023, Rivers Casino emerged as Virginia’s premiere gaming destination, showcasing our team’s expertise and dedication.

Our team’s installation of high-end loudspeakers for the Soundbar live music stage and BetRivers Sportsbook set the stage for an immersive auditory journey, ensuring that every note and beat reverberated with unparalleled clarity and depth. BetRivers Sportsbook, adjacent to the gaming floor, impressed guests with its luxurious amenities, including club seating, betting windows, self-service kiosks, and upsized high-def screens for optimal viewing.

In addition to elevating the auditory experience, our precise audio/video distribution system was strategically implemented throughout the entire casino campus. From the gaming floor to the dining areas and beyond, every corner of Rivers Casino resonates with the crisp clarity of audio and the vibrant brilliance of video, creating a cohesive and captivating environment for all visitors to enjoy.

Furthermore, our comprehensive audio and wiring setup for the sprawling 25,000 square foot Event Center ensured seamless connectivity and flawless execution of events. Whether hosting weddings, corporate gatherings, or live performances, the Event Center serves as the pinnacle of audiovisual excellence, providing guests with an unforgettable sensory experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Together, these integrated audiovisual solutions have transformed Rivers Casino into a destination where entertainment knows no bounds. From the pulse-pounding excitement of live music to the immersive thrill of sports betting, every aspect of the visitor experience is enhanced by our dedication to delivering unparalleled audiovisual quality.

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