Sound Investment played a pivotal role in bringing the auditory experience at Miru to new heights. Miru, Japanese for “view,” is a culinary gem under the esteemed Lettuce Entertain You umbrella, boasting a spectacular panorama of Lake Michigan, Navy Pier, and the Chicago River. We marked the completion of this restaurant project in May 2023, standing proud as contributors to its top-tier audio design and consultation services that align seamlessly with Lettuce Entertain You’s (LEYE) exacting standards.

Nestled within the architectural marvel of the St. Regis Hotel, envisioned by the world-renowned architect Jeanne Gang, Miru occupies a space in the tallest tower in the world designed by a woman. Our audio team embraced the challenge of complementing this illustrious setting, ensuring that the auditory ambiance matched the culinary excellence and breathtaking views that Miru has to offer.

Sound Investment’s dedication to delivering unparalleled audio experiences resonates throughout Miru, enhancing the celebration of Japanese flavors and cuisine. The attention to detail in our audio design aligns effortlessly with LEYE’s commitment to excellence, creating a harmonious symphony that elevates every moment within this culinary haven.

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