Ledger Op3n, founded in 2014 and based in Paris, France, is dedicated to safeguarding digital assets, particularly cryptocurrency, through hardware wallets. In early 2022, they hosted an immersive event in New York City at Moonlight Studios NYC to spotlight the Web3 revolution’s next phase.

Sound Investment transformed Moonlight Studios NYC into Ledger’s custom space. Our team employed dynamic lighting, 3D displays, and two-way mirrors with animated content to captivate guests. LED columns and a glistening Ledger hardwallet replica added to the immersive experience, while a retail-inspired backdrop completed the setup.

The event featured a press-only morning and a public afternoon with activations, keynote speakers, and panel discussions. Renowned speakers like Bobby Hundreds, Betty (of Deadfellaz), Shannon Snow (of World of Women), and Josh Hubberman (of CTHDRL) provided insights into the next Web3 phase. Over 1,000 attendees, including Web3, crypto, and decentralized finance professionals, and celebrity fashion icons, participated. Sound Investment’s expert production services ensured an unforgettable experience that perfectly aligned with the event’s theme and objectives, combining technology, lighting, and sound to create an engaging environment.