Itoka, another remarkable establishment housed within the old Southport Lanes, delights visitors with its distinctive offerings. We collaborated with the Boka Restaurant Group to meticulously design an audio system that harmonized with the restaurant’s captivating decor. By integrating high-quality audio components and employing advanced processing technology, we ensure that guests are treated to an immersive audio experience that enhances their enjoyment of Itoka’s culinary delights. Whether guests are indulging in the vibrant ambiance of the interior or savoring their meal on the outdoor patio, the sound system provides exceptional audio fidelity, complementing the sensory experience.

Under the guidance of Executive Chef Gene Kato, renowned for his expertise at Momotaro, Itoko showcases the best of Japanese flavors and dishes prepared using traditional techniques. The menu features an exquisite array of offerings, including fresh sushi, robata selections, temaki hand rolls, and delectable sweet delicacies.

Our audio team took on the task of installing an audio system that seamlessly blended with Itoko’s Japandi-style aesthetics across multiple areas. From the main dining area to the outdoor eating space and the private dining area on the second floor, each space was carefully equipped with an abundance of strategically placed speakers. These were meticulously paired with cutting-edge processing technology, ensuring a fully integrated audio experience throughout the restaurant.

Working closely with the restaurant’s management, our team ensured that the sound system surpassed their requirements and expectations. By employing high-quality components and leveraging advanced processing technology, we crafted an immersive audio experience that enhanced Itoko’s captivating ambiance and created a welcoming environment for guests.

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