Yahoo Global Sales Conference


The Yahoo Global Sales Conference serves as a pivotal gathering, uniting the entire Yahoo sales team to align strategies, exchange best practices, and celebrate achievements. Consequently, meticulous planning and coordination are imperative to ensure the event’s success.

In 2022, as Yahoo ventured into its first truly hybrid event, the stakes soared higher. It became essential to create an engaging and seamless experience for both in-person and virtual attendees. Recognizing the need for a trusted partner to handle all event production requirements, Yahoo turned to Sound Investment. The event was held at a hotel in Arizona, with a spacious theater-style layout perfectly suited for accommodating Yahoo’s extensive in-person guest list. Sound Investment, as a comprehensive production company, skillfully transformed the vast space into an immersive experience and provided essential livestream support.

Sound Investment took charge of all AV needs, including audiovisual equipment, room setup, and tech support. Furthermore, our team of experts worked diligently to craft a flawless virtual experience on the Virtual Event Site platform, and a dedicated virtual control room. This ensured a smooth operation for both in-person and remote attendees. To enhance attendee engagement, Yahoo organized an interactive NFT-themed Price is Right Game Show, offering participants a delightful break and a memorable opportunity to connect with one another. Following the event’s conclusion, Sound Investment delivered comprehensive attendee analytics covering attendance and virtual event interactions to Yahoo.

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