Verano, a leading cannabis brand committed to enhancing well-being through the safe access to organic cannabis products, recently hosted an immersive brand activation at Moonlight Studios in Chicago, partnering with Sound Investment for top-tier event production services.

Verano’s dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in its diverse range of cannabis offerings, designed to cater to various needs and preferences. From therapeutic products promoting relaxation and pain relief to uplifting strains sparking creative inspiration, Verano provides a holistic cannabis experience. Furthermore, the brand emphasizes community impact, emphasizing social responsibility in the cannabis industry.

The brand activation event was a  great success. Custom lighting and visuals heightened the event’s appeal, creating a mesmerizing ambiance from the moment attendees entered the venue. Sound Investment’s meticulous lighting design seamlessly complemented the overall atmosphere, providing a stunning backdrop for Verano’s showcase. Our state-of-the-art audio equipment ensured impeccable sound quality, enhancing the live music experience and leaving an indelible mark on attendees.