Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and Robertson

BoxUnion, the dynamic boxing gym centered around the mantra “Everything we do, we do to the rhythm of the music,” invites you to experience the ultimate high-energy workout. With our expertise in entertainment technology, Sound Investment was entrusted to design and install top-of-the-line audio systems across all three BoxUnion locations in Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and Robertson.

At BoxUnion, the belief is that boxing to the beat of the music stimulates the brain, reinforces learning patterns, and empowers guests to exceed their limits. Keeping this philosophy in mind, our audio team meticulously crafted a system that ensures consistent sound coverage throughout every row and column of boxing bags while preventing disruptive feedback when instructors move around with microphones.

To maintain a seamless aesthetic experience, our team strategically placed professional in-ceiling speakers in the lobby and locker rooms, perfectly complementing the down lights and preserving uninterrupted sight lines. Within the fitness studios, Funktion One loudspeakers, Full Fat Audio amplifiers, and processing units were seamlessly integrated. Leveraging our exclusive partnership with a Funktion One distributor, we ensured that the speakers deliver high-resolution sound, creating an incredibly realistic auditory experience.

In addition to our audio design and installation expertise, our team provided comprehensive security camera services, ensuring complete coverage of the studio space and venue. Through our collaboration with BoxUnion, the rhythm of the music resonates consistently and clearly within the studios, fueling an atmosphere of boundless energy.

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