In a monumental collaboration that resonates with cultural significance, Sound Investment proudly unveils our audio design and integration project for the iconic establishment: Haus of GaGa, nestled within the vibrant confines of Park MGM. In 2019, our team delivered an unmatched audio system that perfectly suited the immersive atmosphere of this pioneering endeavor using none other than Funktion-One Loudspeakers and Full Fat Audio amplifiers.

The crowning moment arrived on opening day, as the incomparable Lady Gaga herself graced the stage within her own store, delivering a flawless performance that left spectators in awe. Utilizing our engineered audio system, Lady Gaga’s performance captivated the audience and solidified Haus of GaGa as a must-visit destination for Little Monsters and enthusiasts alike.

Haus of GaGa stands as a testament to Lady Gaga’s unparalleled influence on culture, music, and fashion. As an ever-changing destination showcasing her most iconic fashion pieces spanning over a decade of reinvention, it is a beacon for fans who travel from around the globe to immerse themselves in the essence of Lady Gaga.

With our unwavering dedication to sonic perfection, Sound Investment has played an integral role in bringing Lady Gaga’s vision to life at Haus of GaGa. As visitors traverse through this transformative space, they are greeted by a sonic landscape that elevates the experience to unprecedented heights, ensuring that every moment is infused with the magic of Lady Gaga’s indelible legacy

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