Beatnik on the River is a stylish, luxurious restaurant designed after the 1950s bohemian artistic legacy. Beatnik is located along the Chicago River. In the restaurant, they have created a nostalgic and spirited atmosphere. The atmosphere is influenced by Yves Saint Laurent. He was a pioneering genius who transformed his era and democratized fashion.

Maison Bonhomme, the restaurant owner, has fused the best qualities in hospitality from Morocco, France, and Italy. This creates an unforgettable experience for guests. Beatnik on the River stands out among Chicago restaurants for its progressive and globally inspired menu.

Their selection of music is carefully curated and heavily influenced by YSL and the beatnik generation. Their dazzling interior design adds to their uniqueness.

Sound Investment was engaged to custom design and complete a full audio design and integration for Beatnik on the River. Our team custom-painted the speakers in order to complete the installation in the restaurant. This allowed the equipment to match the restaurant’s color palette while maintaining its luxurious and unique look. With all audio system design and integration projects, our team aims to organically integrate the sound system into the space.

The system installation team did face a significant challenge. They had to be creative when placing the speakers. Beatnik has seating space for 200 people, filled with extravagant decor and antique pieces.

The speakers were hidden amongst the 400+ living plants and carefully curated antiques from around the world. Our design involved different sound levels between the Cafe Bonhomme and Beatnik On The River sides of the restaurant. For the riverfront terrace, our team mounted speakers in trees and installed subwoofers behind seating.

We ultimately filled the 8,000 square feet of the restaurant with immersive sound and strategically wove this sound throughout the space. We successfully maintained a comfortable dining atmosphere where guests are sure to enjoy a wonderful meal in a truly special environment.

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