Nestled within the cherished old Southport Lanes building, Sound Investment had the pleasure of collaborating with the Boka Restaurant Group to create exceptional audio experiences for three new concept restaurants. Among them were GG’s Chicken, Itoka, and the renowned Little Goat Diner, each offering their own unique culinary delights and captivating atmospheres.

GG’s Chicken, an upscale restaurant located within the historic Southport Lanes, elevated the rotisserie chicken experience with responsibly sourced ingredients. Our team worked closely with GG Chicken’s management to design and integrate an audio system that complemented their inviting ambiance. High-quality components and advanced processing technology were carefully selected to create an immersive audio experience for guests. The strategic placement of loudspeakers throughout the dining space ensured even coverage, allowing every guest to savor their meal while enjoying crystal-clear music. In the outdoor area, weather-resistant loudspeakers seamlessly blended with the patio’s charm, enabling guests to relish their food in the soothing embrace of exceptional sound.

Sound Investment took great pride in our collaborations with GG’s Chicken, Itoka, and the Little Goat Diner, which were all housed within the storied walls of the old Southport Lanes building. By delivering exceptional audio experiences tailored to each establishment’s unique ambiance, we contributed to the creation of memorable dining moments. These ventures exemplify our commitment to enhancing the sensory journey for guests and supporting the culinary excellence that defines these remarkable establishments.

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