Pizzeria Portofino was the first of many beautiful RPM Chicago restaurant establishments along the River. This was part of a multi-year audio system design and integration project. Pizzeria Portofino is an Italian restaurant serving gourmet-level pizza that is widely enjoyed. It also offers beautiful outdoor scenery, situated on the north bank of the Chicago River.

Pizzeria Portofino follows the same design and construction standards as other Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises establishments. Similar to the others, acoustic treatment has been integrated into every part of the restaurant. A custom-designed treatment allows immersive sound to spread through the space neutrally and authentically without interruption from problematic audio reflections.

Our team designed an audio system that created a quiet space with clear sound. The sound system complemented the chic Italian eatery’s built-in acoustic treatment. Inside there are professional BagEnd loudspeakers and subwoofers which contribute to the acoustical design.

The outdoor patio is equipped with Sonance Landscape Series speakers. These speakers are cleverly disguised so guests could never pinpoint the speakers’ locations.

Each piece of furniture and decor was picked out personally and strategically placed in each dining room. This required our audio team to get creative with the placement of our systems to maintain the dining atmosphere. The goal was to incorporate our best technology and blend it in with Pizzeria Portofino’s aesthetic. The end result not only sounds amazing but looks equally as beautiful.

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