Techo Beso, an authentic Mexican restaurant and one of our restaurant & lounge audio design and integration projects, graces the rooftop of the AC Marriott, offering breathtaking views of the San Diego sunset. Drawing inspiration from the sun-kissed beaches of Tulum, Mexico, Techo Beso, meaning “rooftop kiss,” beckons both locals and travelers to partake in communal celebration and joyous gatherings.

Our expert team installed cutting-edge Funktion One loudspeakers and Full Fat Audio amplifiers, heightening the audio experience within Techo Beso. These components provide the elevated DJ booth with multi-zone capabilities, seamlessly catering to both the main bar area and the inviting pool space. By strategically selecting Full Fat Audio amplifiers, known for their ability to meet the demands of bass-heavy applications, and combining them with the renowned Funktion One loudspeakers, we ensure an audio experience that is unparalleled and enriching, for both live sound and fixed installation.

Throughout the installation process, we paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the sound system seamlessly integrated with Techo Beso’s carefully curated decor. Our team took great care to prevent any sound bleeding into adjacent establishments, including the hotel rooms below, while maintaining the visual flow of the restaurant. The result is a perfect balance between exceptional sound quality and the restaurant’s stunning aesthetics.

Techo Beso stands as a must-visit destination for both locals and travelers seeking an authentic Mexican dining experience that is unrivaled in its uniqueness, excitement, and unforgettable ambiance. With its captivating rooftop setting, Techo Beso offers a sensory journey that combines breathtaking views, exquisite cuisine, and a meticulously designed audio experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit.

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