EA Sports FC 24 Launch

New York

EA Sports FC 24 video game event, hosted by Plumbago, was an extraordinary experience brought to life at Moonlight Studios NYC. The event was a celebration of the latest installment in the beloved video game series, and Sound Investment was proud to provide comprehensive AV services to ensure its success. Our focus on immersive lighting, video, audio, and staging transformed the venue into a dynamic gaming paradise.

The event’s heart was the action-packed gameplay displayed on the studio’s expansive LED walls. These high-definition screens showcased the stunning graphics and intense action of FC 24, making attendees feel as though they were part of the game. The visual experience was enhanced by our state-of-the-art video production services, which included seamless transitions, vibrant colors, and engaging animations that captivated the audience.

To complement the visuals, Sound Investment installed a top-tier audio system that delivered crystal-clear sound throughout the venue. The immersive audio experience brought the game’s sound effects, commentary, and music to life, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Our team designed the audio setup to ensure perfect sound distribution, allowing guests to enjoy the event from any location within the 12,000 square feet of Moonlight Studios NYC.

The event also featured multiple PS5 stations placed throughout the venue, allowing guests to dive into the gameplay themselves. These gaming stations were equipped with high-quality monitors and controllers, providing an optimal gaming experience. Sound Investment’s staging expertise ensured that each station was well-lit and easily accessible, enhancing the overall flow and engagement of the event.

In addition to the technical aspects, our team created an immersive lighting design that elevated the event’s ambiance. The dynamic lighting setup included a mix of ambient, spot, and accent lighting, which highlighted key areas and created a vibrant, energetic atmosphere. The lighting effects were synchronized with the gameplay and music, adding an extra layer of immersion to the event.