NBA All-Star Weekend


Flashback to the NBA All-Star Weekend, Sound Investment had the privilege of transforming the Old Chicago Post Office into a dynamic venue for two high-profile events celebrating the NBA’s partnerships with Converse and Hennessy. Our team was contracted to provide comprehensive AV services, and we focused on delivering an unparalleled audio-visual experience that highlighted the essence of both brands while engaging attendees through a variety of immersive activities.

For the Converse event, we crafted an environment that seamlessly blended basketball culture with artistic expression. The venue featured creative workshops where attendees could engage with renowned artists and athletes. To enhance these interactive sessions, we implemented high-definition video projections that displayed live feeds and dynamic visuals, ensuring every participant had a clear view of the creative processes. Our audio system was fine-tuned to deliver clear and impactful sound, facilitating effective communication and enriching the overall experience.

The Hennessy event emphasized sophistication and high energy. We designed a lighting scheme that accentuated the brand’s luxurious image, using a combination of ambient and accent lighting to create an inviting and elegant atmosphere. The space was adorned with art installations that came alive under crafted lighting effects, adding depth and visual intrigue. Our state-of-the-art audio setup ensured that every word, sound, and musical note was delivered with precision, making the live celebrity performances truly unforgettable.

The live performances were a major attraction, with celebrities taking the stage to deliver electrifying acts. Our team handled all aspects of staging and audio-visual production, from setting up the stage and lighting to managing sound checks and live feeds. The result was a seamless and exhilarating performance that left a lasting impression on all attendees.

In summary, Sound Investment played a pivotal role in transforming the Old Chicago Post Office for the NBA All-Star Weekend events. Our comprehensive AV services, including immersive lighting, high-definition video projection, and top-tier audio, created an engaging and memorable experience that celebrated the dynamic partnerships of the NBA with Converse and Hennessy. We were proud to showcase our expertise in delivering high-quality, immersive audio-visual experiences, making the events a resounding success.