Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in Las Vegas, Nevada? Located in the exclusive Tower Suites enclave, Delilah’s is a high-class modern-day supper club serving American fine dining accompanied by special performances. Our Las Vegas office was contracted to design and integrate all audio systems amongst the restaurants’ dining areas and live performance stages. The live sound venue is equipped with Funktion One VeroVX’s, F218mkII’s, and F81’s, all incorporated within the elegant interior modeled after 1950’s showrooms.

In order to offer inconspicuous performance and maintain the decorous design and alluring style of this supper club, our team had to get creative while keeping safety top of mind. Through meticulous, custom development and design, they were able to set the surrounding and delayed Funktion-One F88 speakers above the ceiling plane so it was articulated freely in the space. Other speakers were hidden within custom designed wall pockets and even amongst the furniture. These pockets needed to be able to support the weight of the speaker and its bracket all while ensuring the safety and integrity of the installation.

There are two patio spaces providing more room for guests to dine, mingle and socialize. In these areas, our team strategically placed landscape speakers disguised as outdoor decor so guests cannot pinpoint the speakers’ location. In preparation for their opening day, our audio team ensured that all equipment went through program setup and procurement while remaining in communication with Delilah’s staff to guarantee a successful first week.

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